November 20, 2013

I finally talked with Naveen about what transpired over the weekend. He did say he was upset about how the night unfolded but was over it, so for me not to be bothered by it anymore. ALRIGHTY THEN.

He had pulled his traps during the tournament, so I was using this conversation time to practice on him and work the kinks out while catching up. 

ENTER Fiona. No one was talking to her, yet she decided to insert herself into a conversation meant to be private. Then she started describing what she was seeing on his phone at the top of her lungs. Ma’am?

We stopped talking so fast, she didn’t have time to recover and ask what happened. We both got up and went our separate ways. The conversation could be continued at a later date without this ‘ooman around. 

I hope he never says anything personal around her cause by the time he blinks, the ENTIRE campus will know. 



November 17, 2013

We made it back to campus in time for breakfast. Again.

This time we actually grabbed breakfast, and then headed to the gym for the last moments of the volleyball tournament that had started last night. 

Let’s backtrack. A week or so prior in our weekly Aula meeting, they told us about the tournament and that if we wanted to play we should sign up a team. Now, there’s a bunch of us who go to the gym and play all the time. So, why wouldn’t those be the people to sign up, no?

NO. Eeyore and Kip decided they were in charge of the team and selected who THEY wanted to play, including Shadow, who was a TERRIBLE player. Okay. No imminent hard feelings. Build a team who you think will win.

Fast forward to Saturday night before we headed out. We had stopped by the gym to catch a few games and see some old faces. When we got there, the whole team was upset cause they were losing due to some choices that “Captain” Kip had made. I’d love to say I was sympathetic, but I wasn’t. I was quite excited that they were losing with all their ‘prized players’.

It was on that night that we were formally introduced to Buzz, a spaniard who had a salacious record of coitus with students.

*sips the hottest tea*

Back to Sunday morning. The students team was eliminated last night (MUAHAHAHAHAHAAAA) and Buzz was kotch-up with a student in the bleachers. After two games we called it a day and went to catch some shut-eye. 


Hi Violet!!


November 16, 2013

I woke up…….on the wrong side of the bed.

When I was in Italy, I found out that a friend from school had suicided and I had compartmentalized it until our return to Valencia, or more specifically, now. That’s never a good thing but I was clearly working on my coping methods. Give me some time for growth. 

 It was raining, and I didn’t feel like going to church but that’s normally the place to find emotional and spiritual relief so I dragged my corpse through the motions and headed off. 


I got to church and my fave, Wasabii (we met at Campamento) was front and center. From since I met him he has always given great hugs (the culture has no personal boundaries) and today was no exception. Unfortunately, Fluffy was also there with him. *rolls eyes*

Not someone I wanted to see, but I was not raised in a barn, so I said my cordial greetings and he shared his opinion on how attractive he thought Kip was. Sir……where is your girlfriend? Go to her, please. 

After church, I spotted Naveen and we confirmed the plans we had made during the week. We would visit my birthday spot to help lift some spirits, which I could’ve used. 


SURPRISINGLY, Amipa decided she wanted to attend this time. Colour me shocked when she actually started getting dressed. Dahlia and Taffyta (remember she was in attendance) also tagged along with us. The Four set out to Valencia ready for a night of music and mischief. What we ran into was M A Y H E M! Bliss was crying and stumbling about. Stallion could barely walk much less stand on his own. There was urinating in cans and sitting in vomit. ALL BAD.

Of course, besides myself, PJ and Naveen were upset, because these people couldn’t go inside the event like this, and we technically couldn’t leave them outside. Since they parked close to the front door we slowly moved the mayhem towards the vehicles, to come upon the boss level. Sherlock was facedown on the pavement, liquefied, Eva was stumbling about whilst Shadow (what were YOU doing here?) was looking helpless and Watson was at his wits end trying to contain them. M A D N E S S. 

THEN! To make matters madder. First, Bliss wasn’t allowed entry because of her current state and Chalk (who she was with) waltzed inside and left her alone, crying. Jerk #1. Secondly, Eeyore, who had decided to stay with the Stallion, changed his mind and pawned him off onto Fiona. 

Leading to PJ, Naveen and Watson transporting the non-entries to their respective places for the night, and them not joining us in the event as well.  

At least Dahlia had fun.



November 10, 2013


When I first arrived in Spain (this time around) there was a chap working in the cafeteria who took an interest in me.

Meh……not suspicious at all.

Everything was fine and dandy until I realized he was a Theology major, then I started having questions. Questions that were FINALLY answered during this nights meal.

HE IS MARRIED! And! He also has offspring. BOOOOOOOOYYYYYYYYY stop flirting with all these wimennnzzzz!! Granted, there are a few gems here who could care less that he’s married. Sis……..

Nuh Dweeetttttt. 

(don’t do it)


November 9, 2013



Today we sang in church for the start of WoP (Week of Prayer). Our song was………. questionable. We have one more date to sing and I’m definitely on the fence about it because people L O V E to sing loud in practice and then mouse up when it’s rostrum time. 


This week was also family lunches, and we went by Ana!! Her spot was clean, the food was amazing and it felt ‘homey’. It was an excellent break from campus and the cafeteria. Most of us were ready to drop asleep where we sat, but Sherlock just H A D to go back to campus and didn’t want to walk. Then, Sesame didn’t want to leave yet, but also didn’t want to walk when we would actually leave. WHOLE BUNCH OF NON-WALKERS. 

SN: This was my first time ever wearing a body-con dress and I was skeptical, but it came out quite nicely. Also, SHOUTOUT to my bantu knots turning out great. 


November 8, 2013

This morning I decided to use some pent up energy and go running with Dahlia.



The exercise was a great start to the morning, despite hating running. 


Of course on a Friday the Grade 6’s choose to run rampant because we are all just tired of school. The interesting part of the class was ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL the little boys cornering me by the desk to gush over how gorgeous Bliss (my coworker) is. G U S H. Then! At the end of the gushing, they hugged me up and said, “You’re so much fun and easy to talk to. We like that, too.”

Wow. Okay, thanks for that reminder of how much ‘fun’ I am. 

Even the children are trying my self-esteem. *rubs temple*


November 3, 2013


*praise God*

Thankfully, I had had contact with PJ during the trip (a conversation to fan yourself over, Ladies) to scoop us up, and he was prompt and looking pretty scrumpdiddlyumptious as soon as we exited the airport.

Just like that, Fall vacation was over. Back to class we went.


3 Hours later in Venezia





The Church of Santa Maria della Salute (Saint Mary of Health), commonly known simply as the Salute, is placed scenically at a narrow finger of land which lies between the Grand Canal and the Canale della Giudecca. 
Its history begins in 1630, when a wave of the plague assaulted Venice, that killed nearly a third of the population. At the end of the epidemic, the Venetians decided to build a church, as a thanks to the Virgin Mary for the relief from the plague. 
San Simeone Piccolo (also called San Simeone e Giuda) is a church built in 1718-38 by Giovanni Antonio Scalfarotto. This was one of the last churches built in Venice, in one of its poorer sestieri. The pediment of the entrance has a marble relief depicting “The Martyrization of the Saints” by Francesco Penso, known as “il Cabianca”. Saint Simon was apparently the martyred cousin of Christ, martyred as a Jew by the Romans.




-Piazza San Marco-

Piazza San Marco (Piasa San Marco), often known in English as St Mark’s Square, is the principal public square of Venice, Italy, where it is generally known just as la Piazza (“the Square”). The Piazza was paved in the late 12th century with bricks laid in a herringbone pattern. Bands of light-colored stone ran parallel to the long axis of the main piazza. These lines were probably used in setting up market stalls and in organizing frequent ceremonial processions. This original pavement design can be seen in paintings of the late Middle Ages and through the Renaissance, such as Gentile Bellini’s Procession in Piazza San Marco of 1496.
St Mark’s Campanile (Canpanièl de San Marco) is the bell tower of St Mark’s Basilica in Venice, Italy, located in the Piazza San Marco. It is one of the most recognizable symbols of the city. The tower is 98.6 metres (323 ft) tall, and stands alone in a corner of St Mark’s Square, near the front of the basilica.

-St Mark’s Basilica-

The Patriarchal Cathedral Basilica of Saint Mark, commonly known as Saint Mark’s Basilica (Baxéłega de San Marco), is the cathedral church of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Venice, northern Italy. It is the most famous of the city’s churches and one of the best known examples of Italo-Byzantine architecture. It lies at the eastern end of the Piazza San Marco, adjacent and connected to the Doge’s Palace.
For its opulent design, gold ground mosaics, and its status as a symbol of Venetian wealth and power, from the 11th century on the building has been known by the nickname Chiesa d’Oro (Church of gold).



November 2, 2013

At the crack of dawn we were up and on a boat with our things that took us to ACTUAL Venice. On a sidenote: I was sporting the first signs of a cold. Thank You FOOLISH CAMPSITE.


Our train from Venice to Milan was scheduled to leave in the next fours hours of us landing in ACTUAL Venice, so Amipa and I stored our bags at the train station and headed out (without Sesame *rolls eyes*) to absorb basically all of Venice in 3 hours.


Various types of gondola boats are also used in special regattas (rowing races) held amongst gondoliers.




And like the bosses we were, we made it to the train station, after stopping for a slight sweet snack, with minutes to spare!! We hopped the train to Milan, and then transferred straight to the airport for a 5 hour wait in our terminal. At this point, after the night at the campsite, I was ready to be back in my room with unlimited access to my shower.

November 1, 2013

“Venice is like eating an entire box of chocolate liqueurs in one go.” 
― Truman Capote

First day of November and we were on a 6-hour train to Venice!! I’ve always wanted to go to Venice since I was in my single digit years, so as you can IMAGINE, I was over the top (yet slightly tired) with excitement.


Flag of Venice

Since the fall of the Venetian republic in 1797, the city has held an unrivaled place in the Western imagination and has been endlessly described in prose and verse. The luminous spectacle of ornate marbled and frescoed palaces, bell towers, and domes reflected in the sparkling waters of the lagoon under a blue Adriatic sky has been painted, photographed, and filmed to such an extent that it is difficult to distinguish the real city from its romantic representations.

Venice (Venesia[veˈnɛsja]) is a city in northeastern Italy and the capital of the Veneto region. It is situated across a group of 118 small islands that are separated by canals and linked by bridges, of which there are 400. The islands are located in the shallow Venetian Lagoon, an enclosed bay that lies between the mouths of the Po and the Piave Rivers. 


The situation of the city on islands has limited modern suburban spread beyond the historic centre; its framework of canals and narrow streets has prevented the intrusion of automobiles; and its unmatched wealth of fine buildings and monuments dating from the period of commercial dominance has ensured a keen and almost universal desire for sensitive conservation. This concern for conservation is now extended not just to the city’s monuments but to the very city itself, as rising water levels and subsidence of the land upon which Venice is built threaten the continued existence of the city in its present form.

It still remains a major Italian port in the northern Adriatic Sea and is one of the world’s oldest tourist and cultural centres.

We finally arrived……except…..we weren’t in Venice. We were across the river from Venice and APPARENTLY staying at a campsite?!


Let me tell you this was the WORST night ever. The room smelled like mildew and there were mosquitoes bigger than my eyes. If my excitement needed toning down, this definitely did the trick. Cue a sleepless night….