October 26, 2013

If it’s one thing that had to grow on me was the manner in which Europeans allocated their time on the Sabbath. Growing up in a strict-Adventist home, Sabbath was designated for church and church and more church. Granted, that’s a hiccup in the SDA teachings but…

[ a dish for another day ].


Thankfully, I was blessed to have people here who were willing to ‘argue’ with a hard-head like myself. Why was it that we thought volunteering our time for the less fortunate and going into the community was beneath us on Saturdays, but perfect for the rest of the week?

[ food for thought ]


On this specific Saturday, the youth had an outreach activity in town, helping out with La Carratera. I must say it was a fun experience, meeting immigrant Africans and hearing their stories, getting free food and getting to practice our Spanish. Would I participate in the run? Definitely not, but that’s my own food for thought.




October 10, 2013

Happy birthday to me, Happy birthday to me!! 

What can I say, 23 looks pretty good on me!


Unfortunately, today we still had class and work so the birthday sleep-in had to be postponed. No worries though, because my gemelo (means twin), Naveen, and I made awesome plans.

How did we become twins?!

WELL. Let me tell you. After Campamento, we added each other on Facebook. I thought nothing of it cause I honestly thought he wouldn’t even talk to me after that incident. Boy, was I wrong. He messaged me yesterday, which seemed random to me, and made casual conversation. That’s when we realized we were the same age and were pursuing the same degree. This is what made us ninja twins. We made a pact to keep each others secrets and the conversation progressed to birthday plans. Interesting how that escalated, eh?

Stay tuned for the final unveiling =)


October 9, 2013

The day before my 23rd!

IMG_0732I’m actually excited about the plans I made for this weekend!! Plus, today is a holiday so Amipa, Manerva, Kip, Sesame and myself headed to the beach for some pre-birthday celebrations! I’ve never been to the beach on or around my birthday so this was a treat for me! We spent a couple hours in the sun, braved some treacherous rocks, and had time to grab a bite to eat. We spent some more time out on the beach, then got changed to head out for our evening plans.



My pre-23 celebrations continued as we took the bus to Valencia for dinner.


We walked around for a bit trying to decide on a place until we located a bar that had the BEST pizza I had eaten TO DATE! Sooooooooo good. Not to mention we got free drink upgrades cause it was my ‘birthday’.

THEN. As we were deciding to mosey off the pizza, Sesame told us that he forgot to sign out.

H O W!?

So we had to hurry back to campus so he could get into the dorm before they locked him out. My sides were screaming and we were buzzless. *side eye*

October 7, 2013

Happy Monday!!

I took out my braids today and BOOOYYYYYY did the people stare. AHAHAHAAAAA!


I also had my first monitor meeting, and he is a TS member. PJ is quite handsome but he’s also quite cocky. I think that may be a Spanish trait.


He’s also 1-year older than me, which isn’t much. So this will prove to be interesting in the months to come. He does talk ridiculously fast so I’m going to have to get on the ball ASAP.