October 22, 2013

I am back IN MY ROOM!

*inserts happy dance*

No matter how much I love to travel, there is no feeling like showering in your shower and sleeping in your bed. Yesssssssss…..

Today we had no class because our profs wanted us to have time to work on our travel diaries, which I was already finished with. The travel diary was a concept they implemented for students to practice writing in Spanish as well as recounting their feelings about the trips. Many took it as a history regurgitation, which I found slightly foolish since 99% of the profs had been on these trips and knew the history.

Nah, a diary is for cataloging the good and the bad in life and that’s exactly what I used mine for. My adviser was going to read about disgusting food choices and sleepless nights, awful wifi connections and when ‘ole girl tried it’.

With that in mind, and two sticks of glue and alllllll the paraphernalia I had horded from each visit, I concocted a mini-travel chapter book complete with pictures and pop-outs! I was very proud of myself, despite some surrounding humans who thought I was being ‘extra’.

NEVER WOULD I HAVE GUESSED that in the time it took the day to become the next, those same negative people would be secretly trying to replicate my ideas in their own diaries. CAN YOU IMAGINE?! 




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