October 6, 2013

Time to pack!!

I must say that regardless of where you go, females are DIRTY! Oh boy are they dirty! I almost thought it would be different abroad but once there is a ‘communal’ setting, let the nastiness run rampant.


After we were packed up and had breakfast, we still had some free time to putter about so went on a hike to the far side of the river. It was so beautiful there, especially with the sun blazing above us.

On our way towards where the buses should’ve been waiting, the Terror Squad waltzed past us in all their 1-towel splendor. Sweet Baby Jesus.


What an eye-full to reminisce on before boarding the bus.

Well, we eventually made it back to campus and sleep was pushing on my eyelids. I’m thinking that maybe I’ll have better luck with Odin, but I’m honestly not holding my breath. Again. 


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