October 5, 2013

We had breakfast duty.


The universe clearly didn’t like us. However, we were up at the crack of dawn to help the kitchen staff prep for breakfast. Thankfully all we had to do was serve, and cleaning was left to a different group. The upside of serving breakfast was that we got to get a good look at everybody present. The majority of the people looked…. young. High school young.


After our breakfast stint we went to shower and get ready for “church”. I could already tell that services here would have to be an acquired taste. Then, after church was swimming. Yeah, that’s right. Swimming, and other water sports. To be honest, the main reason I snubbed the idea is because I grew up different religiously. We still went down by the water and sat around and had a few laughs. We also spotted a ‘Sherlock and Watson’ interaction that was clearly a follow-up from last night. *chuckles*

Lunch time arrived and as we walked back to the hall we met the illustrious Wasabii who was hilariously best friends with Fluffy. Then, while we waited in the line for food, Fluffy walked away from his GF, approached me and said ,

“You look great. Not that you didn’t look nice before, it’s just now you look….great.”

Sir, if you don’t….

After lunch was the obstacle course activity. I had never done anything like this on a Saturday so I was a bit apprehensive to be involved, but after some prodding from Amipa and Wasabii I powered through rope climbing and crawling under ropes.

Dinner time sluggishly approached, and at that moment was when I was informed about the Terror Squad connection. See, during the Summer or 2011, I had made a clearly interesting joke about one of them, Owl, and he had told the rest, and they had remembered it until this day. WHO KNEW!

*side eye*

After dinner, the night was a bit downhill. There was a wisp vespers and then they attempted to play manhunt, in the woods, in pitch darkness, which ended up failing. We decided to cut our losses and slinked away to play some number games with the Spaniards and cards in the hall, where we met Taffyta, kind of serious yet quirky.


SideNote: Wasabii is GORG and has a great caboose! *chuckles*



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