October 4, 2013

It was the day to leave for camp and OF COURSE our bus was late, some people forgot things in their rooms and people were missing. A natural occurrence for us these days. On top of that, when the bus DID come, we still had to go through an attendance list (that could’ve been done already). Then this tool, Naveen, jumped the line and raced on the bus.

*stale face*

It honestly wasn’t even that serious. When we finally got on the bus it was FREEZING!

 Why Mr. Bus Driver are you punishing us?! 

I snapped up a window seat and of COURSE the vent is right above my head, but praises for the hoodie I grabbed right before I ran out my room. Also, this was the third time I am seeing Fluffy (History coming soon), and I refused to say anything or make myself known to him. NOPE!

For the first half of the trip everyone kept to themselves. After all, it was early and a nap was on the menu. When the bus stopped for a break, we disembarked and I saw Odin. Still excited to see him but not as much as the first sighting. I’m not sure why yet…. Maybe it was because he walked right past me. Well, we got back on the bus and the journey continued to Entrepeñas, a reservoir located in Guadalajara, Spain that was completed in 1956.

I decided that I was tired of the silence, and Amipa and I were sitting around some people we socialized with on a fair enough basis, so we started up a game. The point of it was to figure out the pattern of the first player (I’m having a picnic and I’m bringing RAISINS, cause my name starts with an R), and so on and so forth.

In the midst of the game we realized that we were driving through what looked to be a ghost town replica from Jeepers Creepers, and that was when I bonded with the odd Dahlia, as we plotted to sacrifice everyone and save ourselves if push came to shove.

When we finally reached the campsite, we had to wait in another line for information about our cabins. It was dark outside and the mosquitoes were descending. You’d think they would’ve moved just a tad bit faster but NOOOOO. Everyone had to have a mini conversation when they reached the front so the line movement was minimal. It was whilst standing in that line, under one of the lights that I caught Fluffy staring at me, as if he had seen a ghost. He took a double take, and with his mouth ajar he sauntered towards me. He proceeded to make small talk, and ask how come I didn’t say hi, with which I was cordial and replied,

“It didn’t seem important.”

Moving on. We finally got our cabins, got to drop our stuff off and headed to worship and guess who decided to sit right in front of us. Odin. Sir, if you don’t….

I was still internally happy even though I was still peeved about the last non-encounter. I must do better.

Afterwards, we chatted with Sesame for a while and somehow the Terror Squad started targeting us. To be honest, I wasn’t sure how they knew who I was cause I didn’t remember any of them. Some research will have to be done once I get back to campus, if I don’t figure it out this weekend.

ALSO! As we were walking back to our cabin we saw Sherlock sneak out of the bushes, followed in a timely manner by a Spaniard, who I’ll hilariously call Watson. HOW did she pull that off so quickly and efficiently?!




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