History Lesson: Fluffy

Back to the illustrious Summer of 2011!

Another one of the Monitores was Fluffy. He wasn’t specifically for my group, that was Odin, but we saw them all the time at meals and on trips and such. THIS particular monitor adored getting under my skin and taunting me.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I have no problems with playful banter. If you can dish it, prepare yourself to receive at high speed.

After a few encounters I found this specific person a bit attractive, personality-ish wise, although he seemed to be offended easily even though he was a bit of a jack***. Nevertheless, as the summer progressed there were some interestingly tense moments that my friends loved to tease me about, and I tried to ignore them because I already knew good things just don’t happen to me like that.

FAST FORWARD to about two weeks before the program ended, a bunch of us were shooting the breeze and talking about how we felt reception of outsiders was in our area. The conversation SOMEHOW veered towards one of the students who said she wanted to gain a few pounds in the precious areas cause she thought it would make her more attractive. I chuckled and agreed with her, saying I would love some caboose pounds, but I could still flourish at my current state and she could too because she was gorgeous.

When we had split up to go to our rooms, Fluffy decided to approach me and ask about our conversation. It wasn’t a secret since we were talking outside, so I paraphrased. It was at the end of my recap that he hit me with a condescending,

“You’re really confident. I mean, you’re pretty for a thick girl I guess.”

Sir….you guess?!

Strike 1 and 2. 

His opinion was neither sought out nor dreamt about. He wanted an opening to give his OH SO IMPORTANT opinion. He felt the need to try and damper my “too much confidence” spirit because he didn’t agree with how I viewed myself. In that moment I realized that if the only compliment he could give was an underhanded one, that I didn’t want any from him.


THEN, surprises of SURPRISES, nor even a day later he pinched me and told me how he snogged a girl who was tall and thin and clearly more his speed during the first few weeks of the summer.


Strike 3.

I am not a hobby, nor am I a second option. To anyone.

I smirked, and told him he had no behaviour and that he should do better. Mentally, I vomited and was glad I never kissed or did ANYTHING with him. After the summer ended, I didn’t even fool myself into thinking ANYTHING would change because I honestly wasn’t interested in him anymore. It passed rather quickly.


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