October 3, 2013

Happy Thursday!! We are going camping this weekend and I should be packing BAHT I’m taking a break of some sorts.

In fact, I was talking to a friend from University. Normally, I actually try to avoid conversations with this person because it’s more or less a struggle to have one. AND, in the instance that we DO talk, he somehow doesn’t know how to stay on topic. We could be talking about HIM and somehow he finds a way to slither in something like, but not limited to,

“So what are you wearing?”

S I R. 

We are too old for this foolishness. Please stop texting me if that’s all that’s on your mind. My wardrobe choices are of little importance.

Since he was neither worried about being a friend or an exceptional conversationalist I have decided to cease our sham of a friendship/acquaintance-ship.

SO LONG!! And back to my packing!!




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