October 2, 2013

Today we had a day trip to Sagunto. Trips are definitely the funner side of the school year. We get to see ruins and soak up some history and sun. Yes, yes and YES!

We visited the Roman theatre which can seat 8,000 spectators. The Roman theatre was built within a dip in the land, which is why its open air concerts have wonderful acoustics.  The stones of the steps were used to build the castle and some of the older houses. There is also a museum that has objects found during excavations.


We also visited the castle that is here, and learned about the countless lives that were lost to secure our little town. It spans almost one kilometer in length and has been home to the presence of the Romans, Visigoths, Arabs and Christians. It was declared a National Monument in 1931 in view of its historical importance. This fortress is divided into seven squares, including the most important, known as the Plaza de Armas or Santa María Magdalena, which is the oldest part of the castle. It contains the remains of the Roman forum, shafts, columns and a cistern carved out of the rock. Remains of the Arab occupation can still be seen in the Plaza de la Conejera square, where an ancient water tank with nine pillars stands in the northern corner.


To top it off, the view is spectacular! It’s like having all of Sagunto at your toes. Imagine, that hundreds of years ago, this view was limited to whomever occupied the castle.


After a hike around the ruins and a tour through the museum, we were able to explore the weekly market where I bought the FLUFFIEST  yarn! I am so excited to make a scarf with these bundles!!


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