September 22, 2013

Sunday!!! Time for rest, relaxation and a recap!!

Yesterday, we went to church and had what I would consider to be an eye-opening discussion about what we think the current flaws are in the SDA church and about impacting others and bringing them closer to God. Needless to say, it was easy to assume about the religious upbringing of some of these students. A lot of them felt that talking to non-Adventists was pointless because there is corruption in the church, and others felt that Adventists are selfish and only want other Adventists to be saved. Now, don’t get me wrong, there is corruption and it would be counterproductive to induct people into a church that is torn.

AT THE SAME TIME, it behooves us to spread the message, and stop preaching to the choir, regardless of if they instantaneously join the church. The mere fact that some of them tried to discredit the others point as if it was invalid reminded me that some people aren’t really concerned about religion at all.

After lunch, the majority decided that a beach visit was in effect. This was my FIRST time even considering going to the beach on a Saturday. It was strictly forbidden. However, rebellious soul that I am, gathered my things and joined the throng. We all walked to the bus stop, and it was on this walk that I met two new floor mates, Manerva and Kip. They were school friends who had traveled together to Spain. One was very friendly, and the other was more reserved.

We reached town, and what should have been a 15 minute wait for the bus turned into a 2-hour wait. That was sign enough for me to turn around, go back to my room and take a well deserved nap. After all, it was a day of rest, and Amipa and I were ready for the nappage.

After dinner, there was a little concert at the church and we moseyed on over. I ❤ music, so I was pretty excited. Boy, was I surprised. Not by the music choices, but by the sound. Their voices are quite…..light. Airy and breathy. Not something I’m accustomed to, I assure you. Also, they sing almost every song in a key that makes me want to assume that the majority of singers are sopranos. That is still up for debate.



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