September 20, 2013

We finally had our placement test yesterday and I ended up in Advanced.


I can barely keep up with the Spaniards when they talk much less respond in a timely fashion. This has to be a joke.

OIMG_0134n top of that, the rest of the students have arrived. They are mostly from California and already have friend cliques which Reanne is NOT in the mindset to try and enter. Plus, I am
a bit older than them and people ALWAYS say how I look intimidating and unapproachable. I’m just waiting to see if any of them will approach me before I approach them. I highly doubt it though.

TODAY, we went to their version of Walmart. Carrefour. Isles and isles of happiness and food! AND, I got my first dose of Spanish candy. Thank you Universe for your many blessings. It’s been too long overdue and I was starting to have a sugar craving.

Amipa and I decided to purchase a plant and we named her GLORIA! We hope to be excellent parents to our new found offspring! Well, once we get back from the beach, which is apparently going to be a weekly excursion after grocery shopping. So much for wanting to buy ice cream in this heat.

IMG_0139Later on tonight I ran into a few of my old monitores from ‘The Summer of 2011’. My adopted ‘brother’, Angel, is not so little anymore. He’s tall, has a beard and his English got so much better. I also saw ‘The Terror Squad’, and some more old yet familiar faces. We will see if friendships from back then have carried on till now.

Trust me. I doubt it.




2 Replies to “September 20, 2013”

    1. Gloria lasted until late March. We had put her out for some sun and a breeze from Hades blew her off the ledge to the the floor below. Moment of silence.


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