September 18, 2013


Hahahaaaaa! Sooner than I imagined, I assure you.

We were supposed to have placement tests today BUT ….. we didn’t. With our newly acquired free time 3 other students (Amipa, Sesame and Carmine) and myself decided it would be a grand idea to bike into town and get helado (ice cream) which was amazing!! We explored alley ways and a church, went to the city center and played in a park. Clearly we weren’t thinking that we would have to bike back to the school.

Now, the school is on a mountain, with the dorm and all the other buildings on mini-mountains. So going towards town, downhill, was a breeze and quite enjoyable. the return trip? Deadly!

We made it halfway up the hill before our legs cried for mercy and we conceded to the stark reality that we were definitely out of shape. Just hearing them talk about biking to the beach and back that evening gave me phantom back pain. We will see if I can get motivated for that journey. I’m not making any promises.




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