History Lesson: Odin

In my first post I mentioned someone named ODIN, without exactly giving a back story as to why I was elated to see said person.

Here we go!

A few years prior (Summer of 2011), I was in Spain, in this exact location. It was a pre-req for my minor (at the time). During this time period we had helpers, Monitores, who would help us with our homework and the Spanish overload. Odin was one of these people.

I want to say that everything went nice and dandy and there was a mutual attraction, BUT there wasn’t. In fact, that summer opened my eyes just a bit more about the “preferences” of non-blacks.

However, I still observed him from a distance and we established a pretty cool friendship. COOL ENOUGH, that he would tell me,

“OMG, did you see ____ today she looks amazing.”


“Man, I can’t wait to see her at the beach. She’s hot.”

Now don’t get me wrong. I have nothing wrong with male friends gushing about their interests. This one, however, was just a bit too close to home. You know? But I KNEW I wasn’t his type, so I wasn’t even going to walk into that failed attempt.

Nevertheless, He would always joke about wanting to grow into his shoulders cause he felt ill-proportioned. BOY DID HE FLOURISH. 



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