September 17, 2013

My rebellious luggage has ARRIVED!! Just in time, too, because we are heading off to the beach. I now have a roommate, Amipa, who I know of from my university. We hit it off well, despite the fact that we know no one else.

SN– this is my second time going to a country alone and having to make friends from scratch, so I’m slowly acclimatizing to the process. 

Beaches in Spain are beautiful. *sigh*


The water is clear and the sand is soft.

On this occasion it was my first time attempting a two-piece. HERE’S WHY! As much as we want to believe in self-love as a concept, it is something that has to be re-learned and re-visited throughout some people’s lives. That being said, I’ve never worn a 2-piece because I personally didn’t think I was `built’ for those garments. SO. I figured, being in a country that is physically free on the beach (for the most part) I could try out my new stage off beach wear.

WHELLP! It certainly was a first experience! In retrospect, a high-waisted bottom would be more comfy, personally, as opposed to the classic bikini bottom style. ALSO, I will have to come to terms with the fact that bikini tops are always going to fit me quite liberally. Even without it wanting to be a show, it’s like advertising as a wet-nurse. Which leads me to say that SPANIARDS KNOW HOW TO STARE AT PEOPLE.

I’m positive it’s a gift. Their gaze doesn’t waver, even when you catch them staring at you. In my head I’m thinking:

“I know you’ve seen a Black person before, why are you staring so hard?”

I’m sure the staring will increase when I take my braids out. They have no idea what I’ve got hidden away!!



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