September 15th, 2013

Being an excited flyer, hopping on a plane from Canada to Spain again was a rush. It was overnight, there would be movies and snacks, the time change wouldn’t affect my REM cycle, and instead of spending less than 2 months I would be there for a year!

Our first stop in Amsterdam was routine and didn’t leave much time to go out and explore. Our stop in Paris almost went without incident. It wasn’t until I landed in Valencia, Spain that I realized that my luggage decided to become tourists and spend an extra two days in Paris.

However, for the first time in my life I had changes of clothing in my hand luggage so I was able to make-do until the luggage caught up with me. Minus my life-line of cocoa-butter, I had all the other essentials. (Thank you Universe and mother)

I decided to mosey on over to dinner and saw a familiar face, all grown up. HELLO Odin!! Boy, did he grow into his shoulders. I didn’t stay and gawk long because food was calling my name, and I wanted to end the luggage-less day on a good note. After all, tomorrow I would have to socialize and make friends.

Wish me Luck!




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